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What is "TreeRoots"? TreeRoots is family tree focused on the families of Charlotte County, New Brunswick. It is an ongoing project inconjuction with Heritage Charlotte and the New Brunswick Genealogical Society (Charlotte Branch). Each contributor uses the Family Tree Maker program and uploads to a single FTM file location on Ancestry.com

How are you connected to someone in the family tree? The various contributors to TreeRoots may or may not be directly linked to a specific person in the the family tree. However, every individual listed in the tree is connected to every other person list in the family tree! No person is added to the tree without an existing connection. Simply put, every person listed can find an unbroken connection to everyone else in the tree.

If every person in TreeRoots is connected, does that mean everyone is related? Certainly not. Perhaps through marriage a man/woman will marry into another family; that family is connected to his/her family. Now times that 100s of times!

Why is my family listed on TreeRoots, we are not from Charlotte County? If your family is listed on TreeRoots and they are not from Charlotte County, it is likely that someone is connect to a family from Charlotte County (perhaps through marriage). Contributors will often add details for "outside" families if information is available. In addition, Charlotte County is often considered a heritage point for many settlers in North America with many families having ancestors who once lived here.

Is there more information on individuals than what I can find on TreeRoots? Likely so. If you are visiting TreeRoots via Ancestry.com, you likely have limited ability to view individual data. Often data such as photos, obituaries or stories are viewable to select viewers based on permissions.

How can I get full view permissions for TreeRoots? Full view permission is granted to administrators of Heritage Charlotte or members of the New Brunswick Genealogical Society who have an Ancestry account.

How many individuals are listed in TreeRoots? Currently, as of 20 August 2022, there are 58,580 individuals with updates done daily/weekly.

Online: TreetRoots (Ancestry.com)



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